HVK Children's Foundation

Verity is excited to partner with the Hawah V. Kamara (HVK) Children’s Foundation for this year's VerityMC.

The HVK Children's Foundation, a nonprofit based in Worcester, Massachusetts, is dedicated to meeting the challenging needs of women, children, and families in Liberia by providing access to quality education and healthcare.

All proceeds from VerityMC 2022 will be donated to the foundation to support their numerous programs working to improve the quality of life for Liberian families.

The Lab-in-a-Box Program

Your donation will help the HVK Children's foundation launch the Lab-in-a-Box program at Bright Future Academy in Monrovia, supporting 376 students.

Lab-in-a-Box is an offline learning resource that consists of an offline education portal, wireless file hub server, and Android tablets. The program is currently used around the world, in Malawi, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Kenya, and Solomon Islands, among other countries.

Liberian teachers with Lab-in-a-Box devices, 2018

Help the HVK Children's Foundation meet their goals for the Lab-in-a-Box program!

● Provide Lab-in-a-Box in a shared setup space to improve literacy, science, math and general computer skills

● Train a total of 25 teachers at six primary & junior high schools to improve teaching quality by 2021

● Establish a curriculum, teacher’s manual and workbook for students based on both subject matter and career development skills

HVK's Story

HVK Children’s Foundation was founded by Ms. Jermoh Kamara, a Liberian native from Worcester County, Massachusetts with a passion for addressing health and education issues in Liberia.

In 2014, Ms. Kamara began working on education and health programs in Ghana with her mentor Dr. Stephen Mecca, who was the director at the Global Sustainable Aid Project (GSAP). While working with GSAP, she helped train teachers in the Lab-in-a-Box program.

GSAP outreach, Ghana, 2014

Diamond Creek Community School, Liberia

Since 2016, HVK has partnered with six schools in Monrovia, Liberia.

  • Zoe Louise Preparatory School

  • Twins Academy

  • Diamond Creek Community School

  • Bright Future Academy

  • Somalia Drive YMCA School

  • Jacobs Town YMCA School

In 2019, HVK received grants to support Diamond Creek Community School, remodeling a learning space to serve as an e-library, and contributing 12 laptops, 17 desktops, and a solar panel.

In its five years as a nonprofit, HVK Children’s Foundation has implemented three programs reaching 2,027 children and 11 teachers in Liberia.

HVK has also launched initiatives in research and program design, aiming to address poor literacy through the creation of Project REACH, an offline, e-learning program. In partnership with Dr. Jill McCracken at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, HVK is developing a program teaching Sexuality Education, Risk, and Violence, along with other efforts to address nutrition, immunization, sanitation, and general health.