Format and Rules

2022 Rounds

Speed Round (individual)
25 problems, 45 minutes

Showdown Round
(1 v 1 faceoff)
first to 3 problems, bracket system

*top 8 competitors in individual rounds will be placed in a separate bracket

Accuracy Round (individual)
10 problems, 45 minutes

Guts Round
(optional team round)
8 sets of 3 problems, 60 minutes

*teams may apply together, remaining competitors will be grouped randomly


Allowed Materials:

  • Writing utensil (pencil/pen)

  • Graph paper or scratch paper

Prohibited Materials:

  • Calculators of any sort

  • Websites or any online sources

  • Communication with anyone other than the proctors

Students and parents are expected to be in the Zoom meeting at 1:00 PM for the honor code, consent, and other preparations.


  • Stable internet access for the entirety of the competition

  • Participants must keep their camera on at all times at an angle that shows their face

  • Quiet working space without interference from other family members, pets, etc.

  • Participants must submit their answers in the appropriate timeframe. Forms submitted after the timer ends will not be accepted.

If you are unable to meet the requirements above, please send us an email at